Brand Center Product Page

Local marketers need access to tools that effectively market brands and Brand Center is their toolbox. Each day, thousands rely on Brand Center to find and create content that will drive sales and awareness - and since each brand is different, Brand Center includes more than 100 configuration points to customize it for almost any marketing or sales department.

But what differentiates Brand Center from most SaaS platforms is that it is also customizable. It will adapt to what's working in a marketing organization and improve upon what isn't working.


Brand Center includes a Digital Asset Management system specifically designed to support distributed sales and marketing efforts. Finding the right asset in the right format has never been easier. The search engine queries multiple data points including keywords, filenames, descriptions and embedded text. The navigation filters allow multi-level filtering of both editable and static content. Users can also combine the two search options to perform an extremely specific query.

Multiple versions of each image, video and audio asset are created when they are added to Brand Center – so there’s no need to buy additional software to convert a JPG to a PNG or an MP4 to an MOV.

Kwikee Systems Integration

Brands that leverage the powerful Kwikee distribution model can merge those assets with other marketing content in Brand Center. Product assets and content stored in the Kwikee library are made available both as downloadable files and as variable content for templates. The convenience of managing product assets and content once and distributing them to multiple locations and in multiple formats is an exclusive benefit to Kwikee clients.

Content Localization

An easy-to-use interface helps non-designers localize messaging and imagery, all within the confines of approved templates. Content localization options and rules are set by corporate marketing and are configurable by campaign, region or even user-type. This templated approach makes it easy for users to create on-demand, market-specific content without the design cost.


Delivering printable documents is a core component of Brand Center. Each localized template provides options for putting ink on paper. File type, output location and print specifications are all configurable options - both for the administrator and the user. Brand Center-generated documents look great whether they are printed on a desktop printer or sent to a commercial printer for fulfillment.


"Keep it simple" is the Brand Center motto for email campaigns. No need to learn another process - there is only one editing interface in Brand Center, regardless of the type of content. Simply localize the message, upload a list and press send. Brand Center takes care of everything else and even adds the campaign tracking statistics to each user’s profile.

Social Sharing

Brand Center is integrated with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. Avoid the hassle of finding content, downloading it and uploading it to social media. With a single click (and authentication), the content is set for social distribution.


Integration is ingrained in the fibers of Brand Center. From Single-Sign On (SSO) to product databases to workflow systems, Brand Center is ready and able to communicate with your existing systems. Brand Center’s communication process is a two-way street - meaning it can both retrieve external information and feed content and data to other systems.

Administrative Control

Brand Center was designed to give users the ability to react to changes, quickly. Filters, keywords, publish dates, user permissions and featured content are just a few of the dozens of configurable options available for client administration. A designer or marketer with basic database experience is qualified to be a Brand Center administrator.

Managed Services

The Brand Center account management team is here to ensure a successful launch and ongoing relationship. A configurable platform requires flexible managed service options. Kwikee provides US-based, end-user technical support, training programs, maintenance retainers, hosting packages and administrative assistance - all configurable to match the requirements of each Brand Center implementation.