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The Kwikee API

We offer a RESTful API to access millions of product data points to build powerful features and products.

Use any of our free or commercial APIs to enhance your UX, automatically add high res photos, enrich search with better attribute data, or anything else that gets you excited!


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Check out our recap video from Queen's University's QHacks event, where student teams developed a number of applications that used the Kwikee API in creative fashion. The possibilities for new experiences are limitless.


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Check out a few of the many apps that rely on Kwikee's API to power the next generation of eCom experiences.

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For over 50 years, Kwikee has created, managed, and distributed product information for hundreds of manufacturers and retailers.

We began our journey mailing paper clippings for retailer flyers and graduated from sending CD Drives to providing FTP sites.

Today, all you need is an API key and a fondness for JSON.

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